Maui Brewing Co – Bikini Blonde Lager

I purchased this beer thinking I had never tried it before, but realize that it was due to a new design that I did not recognize it. If you ask my girlfriend Hawaii is my favorite place in the world, so their beer also interests me. A light and refreshing lager seems like the best type of beer to come from Hawaii. And the style of the new can reminds me of the Hawaiian Sun drinks you’ll find all over Hawaii and in Hawaiian restaurants on the mainland.

Maui Brewing Co rates their Bikini Blonde Lager at 18 IBU and it is 5.2% alcohol by volume. I purchased it individually at a local liquor store and it came in a 12 fluid ounce (355 mL) can. It is described as “A clean, crisp & refreshing Helles, perfect any time.” The can also states “Crafted with passion from the heart of paradise. We are an innovative and independent brewery. Welcome to the ‘ohana.”

The beer has a smooth pour with a good amount of head that dissipates rather quickly. It has a nice clear golden color with a little bit of carbonation rising. The smell is a little malty and slightly sweet but seems very crisp. The taste isn’t very strong and doesn’t linger. I can’t quite place any specific flavors, but it seems like the perfect beer to enjoy at the beach. I would say this is a nice light beer to enjoy on a summer day.

Have any refreshing beers you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Author: timothydavidmcgrath My purpose is to expand my knowledge in the careers of Information Technology and Tactical Aircraft Maintenance through on the job training, formal and informal education, and through moving between different organizations. My 13 years of experience in Information Technology started with basic PC repair and has expanded to managing server farms and user accounts. This experience has been gained through both public and private organizations and ranged from very small to large government organizations. During my 5 years of experience in Tactical Aircraft Maintenance, I have learned three different airframes and worked at three different Aircraft Maintenance Units. I continue to work tirelessly to become an expert on my assigned airframe.

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